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 Athenian Corner Hotel 

 Schematic Design 

 Lowell, MA 

> This 50 Unit boutique hotel is planned at the current site of the Athenian Restaurant in the Historic Downtown district in Lowell, MA. The project calls for the historic restoration of the existing Putnam & Sun building with a 5 story addition connected to the existing building. The new addition takes historic design concepts and applies them to the overall massing of the project utilizing modern materials. The material color selection also took into account the fact that a white church once occupied this corner site as well as paying homage to the Greek influences to the City of Lowell. The interior of the project would feature an expanded Athenian Corner Restaurant that would also cater to the hotel guests. Each floor’s design theme would also tell the story of the immigrant groups that have made Lowell the city it is today. The top floor would also feature a roof deck. The project has received approval from the Lowell Historic Board as well as the Lowell Planning Board. 

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