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7 Tantallon Road

Andover, MA

> This turn of the century Creamery building was part of the Wood Mill owners planned development in Andover fell into dis-repair over years of being un-occupied. Current owners reviewed options of developing a restaurant at this location along the Shawsheen River but have settled on a 24 unit multi-family development. The structure includes parking at grade level under the 4 stories of residential construction. The design of the building is of Georgian Revival style that is reminiscent of the architecture of the time that the Creamery was originally built. Selective units have Shawsheen River views and the site includes a path along the river as part of the Shawsheen River Greenway project promoted by the Town of Andover. This project was designed in collaboration with the talents of Eric Inman Daum Architects. View Eric Daum's website here.

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